Unpolitically Correct
If plagiarism is acceptable at Harvard, what do we tell our kids?

I think this kind of behavior going unchecked is going to haunt us all forever.

What are the teachers going to do with this type of behavior at this high of level? Two of my friends were kicked out of a Jesuit high school for one plagiarism mistake. Between woke teachers and administrators, plus AI we will cease to know a person’s character, unless we are friends.

Talk about graduating students that can’t read or read well? This is going to get real interesting when we hire the best available graduates, and they can’t do their job.

We need to give all new hires a higher level SAT + tests to hire what we are paying for? Or hire High school grads as interns and put them through a school, you must be involved in the process. Maybe online, or brick and mortar or a hybrid of the two types of colleges to get the best, for your company, because they’re not going to come from Harvard.