Unpolitically Correct

We, at Unpolitically Correct, need to notify you with great regret that we have sold our blog. We want to thank you for all your support over the last 5+ years. The good news is that the new owners are a much larger organization, with much more sustainability, better writers, and plans to reimagine this platform. The new owners are going to shut down the blog temporarily to reorganize the concept and should be back online after the primary elections. They want to see the outcome of those before finishing the reimagining of the platform. At that time, they will disclose their plans and ownership of this company.

We wish them and our loyal followers “nothing but the best”  in your and their endeavors to reduce Political Correctness—telling people what they want to hear even if it is lying, so as to promote there agenda of. Telling people    ‘what to think,’ as opposed to our position of telling people what you think respectfully, with facts, to promote showing people ‘how to think.’

If you would like to copy any of our 540 articles, you will have until February 12th to do so. Again, thank you for all your support. 

Unpolitically Correct  Management